"Race" is a Four Letter Word

Today and tomorrow, we have four sessions with the Cleveland Museum of Art for 8th and 9th grade art classes at Coloma Jr. High. They are doing the program, “Race” is a Four Letter Word.

One of the things I really like about the CMA programs is the way Arielle asks the students questions. Here are some of her questions from today:

  • What do you think the word stereotype means?
  • Why do you think artists use abstract art?
  • Has anyone ever had a caricature done of themselves? (asked while showing a great collection of caricatures of celebrities)
  • What do you see as being exaggerated in this figure?
  • What is this person in this painting doing?
  • Do you think this is a fair representation of this person? If you were from that area of the world, how would you feel about it?

After a few minutes of lots of questions, the kids woke up (this session was at 7:30) and really started to say what they thought!

This program includes a collection of art representing different time periods and ethnicities and really engages the students in the content.

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