Dialing from Tandberg MCU to Codian or Tandberg

Have you been as puzzled (frustrated?) as me in trying to dial into the right conferences from a Tandberg MCU to either another Tandberg or a Codian set up with the entry queue and conference numbers to access with a DTMF tone?

I finally opened a trouble ticket on the dialing that’s bugging me, and here’s what I learned yesterday.

Put the IP address in as usual.

In the DTMF field, put this:


Or if the conference number/ID was 1234, it would be:


My question is, programmers, why wouldn’t you make it more user-friendly and program the system to put the commas and the pound so the end user only has to put in the ID? Maybe there’s a good reason, but that’s the question that pops into my head!

Anyway, it works, so I’m happy.

Got another dialing problem on this same ticket, will report if I find anything out.

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  1. Roxanne says:

    Did you try this dialing into our Codian?

  2. Janine Lim says:

    Sure did & it works!!

  3. Yaniv says:

    Well, using the RADVISION MCU, you wouldn’t face this problem.
    In the RADVISION MCU you can simply dial the conference number and the # sign…

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