Upgrading My Online Classes to start Oct. 6

This week I’ve been working on my two online classes on curriculum videoconferencing: Planning Interactive Curriculum Connections, and Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections. They both start on October 6.

New Articles
It’s been time for an upgrade, and some new articles. Some of you know I’ve been working on a VC Literature Review. I’ve been able to add some great new research articles to both classes, many of which I don’t have on my blog review yet. I think this will definitely make the discussion more interesting and bring a much needed research base to our use of curriculum videoconferencing.

CAPspace & Collaboration Tools
I’ve added new assignments to get your account set up in CAPspace, and for coordinators, this will include getting your equipment verified for Read Around the Planet. Might as well get set up for that project, among others that will happen in CAPspace this year. We’ll also be exploring the wealth of other collaboration sites available for target audiences.

Haven’t done it quite yet, but am hoping to add some more little welcoming video clips to each week of the class. This will spice it up a bit more too.

A Little History
I’ve been teaching these online classes since January 2004. Did you know that the Jazz workshop grew out of the PICC class? Ken Conn & Bennie Tschoerner started it after they met in one of the early PICC classes. A few other famous videoconferencing leaders also got started with the PICC class, like Roxanne Glaser of VC Rox fame. I hope you’re reading her blog too!! In addition, it was Ken who suggested a follow-up class to PICC, the Kid2Kid Videoconference Connections class. “Kid2Kid” is Ken’s idea too!

Join us!
So, all this to say, classes start October 6 and we’d love to have you join! I usually have a mix of my local educators and those across the country, and even outside of the U.S. sometimes. If you have more than 10 teachers from your region/area, we can negotiate a discounted price. Click the link for either class in this blog to find additional details and registration information.

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