Results of Breakout Sessions

Today is the culmination day for the CILC Symposium. Each panel moderator is reporting out on the various todos. Here’s a few notes from them. The PPTs will be posted on the CILC Symposium soon.

  • Develop a collection of tips for collaborative projects. Did you know about our Collaborative Projects Template Booklet? Also check out the Collaborative Videoconferences Wiki.
  • Increase communication between teachers and content providers.
  • Encourage vendors to create non-proprietary products. “It needs to be like a telephone. It doesn’t matter what the device is on the other end, it just needs to work.”
  • Details from my group – with resources and solutions – are posted on VC Rox.
  • International collaborations – make sure you plan the outcomes and goals and activities for the group.
  • Share strategies to help teachers move through the CBAM adoption model
  • Encourage more participation in collaboration by sharing best practices – such as blogging, wikis, sharing with peers.
  • We need to do a much better job at showing rather than telling
  • Teachers need to see “best practice” in motion
  • Do a collaborative project where teachers connect to teachers where one school mentors another
  • How many times have you been to a workshop to talk about the technology instead of using it!

Definitely good points to consider and keep working on in our respective areas.

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  1. Great to read all the tidbits and great advice from the CILC Symposium on your blog along with Roxannes’
    And I don’t have to answer a math problem on your blog!
    Thanks for keeping me going!

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