Snow Day Etiquette

I’m reminded today of the importance of snow day etiquette. Today was yet another snow day (got some cross country skiing in!) with some of my schools closed again tomorrow.

Today we were supposed to have a full session with the Columbus Zoo for some pre-service teachers. When I emailed Carrie to let her know, she replied,

“Thanks so much for the heads up! We really really appreciate that…otherwise we’re just standing down there waiting!”

I also spent some of today rescheduling a MysteryQuest session. Due to that shuffle I have a few openings again.

And tonight, checking school closings for tomorrow, I discovered that two of our connections with Peace River, Alberta, will be affected. Thankfully I was able to email our Albertan friends tonight. This response from the coordinator reminds us of the seriousness of rescheduling VCs.

They will have to switch classes, rebook a sub, rebook the bus, and give the VC teacher time to find space for her students.

Yet more reminders of the importance of informing the person on the other side of any schedule changes.

Finally, as I put my 78 RAP connections on my calendar, I’m really praying for no snow days in March!

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