The Future of Collaborations

After reading Andrea’s report on the NY & TX Mini-Jazz second session from this past weekend, I was inspired yet again with the power of collaboration.

Yes, collaborations are the third wave of videoconferencing. But to make those collaborations sustained, frequent, and high-quality, it takes training, planning, and nurturing. The best training is also done in collaboration, models the experiences we expect for students, and provides opportunities and support for teachers to create and implement their own project ideas.

This Jazz idea is brilliant (not my idea originally, so I can say that!). The way it is morphing to additional during-the-school year formats is wonderful to behold. I really do believe that if you want to have sustained collaborative projects with others, you need to begin a collaboration with another organization like yours, preferably out of state. I certainly am beginning to have plans simmering in my brain for additional trainings like this for 2007-2008.

What do you have in the works? How will you promote collaborative projects beyond just telling teachers about the possibilities??

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