Standardizing Project Email Confirmations

Still continuing the discussion on project work flow. Let’s think now about confirmation letters. What should be in the project emails? I send at least three: a confirmation, a preparation reminder, and a test call reminder. I want to start adding the post email letter that includes the evaluation link.

To make this list, I looked at my MysteryQuest confirmation templates, my individual teacher project confirmation letter format, Down in the Deep confirmations, and Read Around the Planet emails.

Confirmation Letter

As I work through this list, I think it’s time to tighten up my confirmations so they aren’t so long & wordy — that’s Roxanne‘s influence and wisdom!

  • Project title, date & time
  • Test call date & time & connection details
  • Preparation information
  • Action Items: what to do next

Other optional components:

  • Information about recording and video releases (if applicable… I’ve been trying to record more to get examples to put online)
  • Contact information for partner teacher (for exchanges)
  • Suggested agenda (if not already determined/facilitated)

Test Call Reminder

Sometimes I combine the test call and preparation reminders.

  • Project name
  • Test call date & time
  • Connection info: IP, dial direction, trouble # to call

Preparation Reminder

Not all projects get a preparation reminder. MysteryQuests do for sure. Lots of reminders about presentation preparation and teachers really appreciate that!

  • MysteryQuest projects: don’t forget to send in your city-state / city-country / history-mystery
  • MysteryQuest projects: Tips on making clues, presenting clearly, making sure all the clues are included, a reminder to make a visual for revealing the answer
  • Encouragement!!
  • What else?

Post-Project Email

  • Thank you for participating
  • Stats on the success/participation
  • Link to evaluation form
  • What else?

By the way, if you’re reading this project work flow discussion and you don’t run any projects for your school(s), are you getting inspired?! I hope so! Remember Linda’s 3 questions for your teachers!

Your Turn: What do you think? Anything missing? What info do teachers need? What is too much? Where is the best balance? Content providers reading this – what do you think makes a good confirmation email? Do you do reminders? What do you include?

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