Standardizing Projects: Evaluations

Still continuing the discussion on project work flow. Since I did quite a bit of thinking on evaluation in July, I’m convinced I should add evaluations to all of my projects and improve the evaluations in the current projects. They can’t be too long, but they do need to collect some important information. See what you think of this list:

Evaluating the Process

  • Registration
  • Materials (did you use them; were they helpful?)
  • Facilitation (if applicable)
  • Communication re the project
  • Would you recommend the project? / Participate again?
  • What else?

Evaluating the Learning

  • Did your students’ communication skills increase as part of this project? (ISTE NETS standard #2)
  • Did your students’ collaboration skills increase as part of this project? (ISTE NETS standard #2)
  • Did your students [insert expected curriculum outcome here] understanding increase as part of this project?
  • Did you & your students learn from the other class? (yes/no & comments)
  • What else?

And of course, always ask for additional comments.

Your Turn: Do you evaluate your projects? What do you include in the evaluations? My evaluations have been in FileMaker Pro or Zoomerang, but I’m switching to GoogleForms for this next year due to quicker summaries. What tool do you use?

I think this is the end of the project work flow discussion. Did I miss anything? Now it’s time to start tackling the prep for my fall projects!

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