Standardizing Project Web Formats

I’m enjoying the discussion on project work flow. I thought it would be helpful to continue by thinking about what should be standard in a project page. I’m working from Roxanne’s Monster Match; Lori’s Black History Month, and one of my MysteryQuest projects.

Critical Components for All Projects

  • Description: a three-four sentence blurb/ad
  • Agenda: sample agenda for the VC
  • Registration: and/or instructions for registration
  • What else?

Essential for Some Projects

  • Preparation information / teacher materials
  • Examples (pictures/movie)
  • FAQ (Roxanne how do you think of the questions to put in the FAQ?!)
  • Timeline
  • What else?

Registration Method Choices

  • A wiki for self-registration (see examples here and here)
  • A google form for the coordinator to make the schedule
  • What else?

I’m seriously thinking of moving my project websites to wikis. The question is: one wiki per project? or one wiki with all the projects? What do you think are the advantages and disadvantages?

While thinking about this, I had another brainstorm. What if we had a “project wiki ring”? Remember the old web ring from the early days of the Internet? Each of our projects linked to one other on the ring and a teacher/VC coordinator could cycle through them. Too old-Internet-fashioned?

Thanks everyone who is joining the conversation!

Update: Roxanne has made a VC Projects Template Wiki for us to work from!!

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