MysteryQuest World Student Comments

I’m cleaning up my MysteryQuest World site (to meet the new standard), and so I need to archive these on another site. Here they are for your enjoyment!

Kids’ Comments

Lance Middle School, Kenosha, WI

  • I learned that you can have a video thing with people in other places.
  • I learned how to look up facts and have fun at the same time.
  • I learned about teamwork.
  • I learned how to use all kinds of references.
  • I learned how to use an atlas and other resources better.
  • I learned how to work with other people in a group. It was nice to see the people in my group helping each other.
  • I liked the TV talk. I thought it was amazing.
  • I think the best part was researching because it was fun using all of the clues.
  • The best part was the camera because we got to talk to different states.
  • The best part was when we got to see the other people in different states.
  • The best part of it was our whole group working together to find answers.
  • It was fun because we got to use maps, atlases, and the computers.
  • I loved today. It was so fun and it was a good experience for teamwork and cooperation.
  • It was the biggest event of the year! I would tell other kids how awesome it was.
  • I loved it. It was awesome. We were so lucky. I would do over and over again.

32 replies on “MysteryQuest World Student Comments”

    • Gina Willmon says:

      I think the students would absorb so much more information and be more interested in learning.

  1. It would take a couple of times to master this but once I did I think my students would enjoy the experience.

  2. My students would love this. Most do not ever venture out of the county let alone different cities with their families.

  3. Wanda Poindexter
    January 6, 2017
    I remember the first time I participated with a video conference as a student in graduate classes. It does feel like it opens up the world and gives you confidence using technology.

  4. Students would retain much more content. Being able to demonstrate and involve the students in a process is much more stimulating for them.

  5. I think that our Anatomy and Physiology classes use it regularly. The students always have positive remarks about the experience.

  6. Students would enjoy this more then reading out of a book and find it more interesting then hearing their teacher all day.

  7. Young students would be so amazed at talking to someone through the computer or screen. They could see other students at different schools around the world, or community helpers.

  8. Students would enjoy this more if we have the technology and will t find it more interesting then hearing their teacher all day in classes.

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