Summer School Goes to Alaska

This afternoon our Blossomland Learning Center summer school special education students are connecting to the Alaska Sea Life Center. Laurie, the presenter, did a great job working with the students, who live with several different challenges. The students put stickers on a picture of the ocean, tidepool, and shore to show where the different animals live.

Laurie asked them lots of questions, showed many different types of animals who live in the ocean or the shore, and had the students act out some of the concepts – such as an anemone catching a fish.

Did you know that the content providers such as the Alaska Sea Life Center are happy to work with you to accommodate the learning needs of different students?

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  1. I’ve never connected to this content provider before, but they sound great. I’ll share with my schools!

    We’ve been very happy with the Lee Richardson Zoo in Kansas- they definitely want to know class details before the connection. Misty is also very good with interacting with the students.

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