Two Successful Jazz Sessions

So, how is your summer going? Going, gone? Feels like that to me.

Last week we participated in the second successful Jazz workshop of the summer. If you’re not familiar with this workshop, visit the website.

The participants and facilitators really enjoy the process of immersion into videoconferencing in the curriculum.

Some features from this summer’s sessions include:

How did your professional development sessions go this summer?

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  1. Our Boundless Learning with Videoconferencing course went really well! We have a little bit of a memorable moment when connecting to the Baseball Hall of Fame- James Yasko (awesome!) was talking to us about Jackie Robinson and Moses Fleetwood Walker and a visitor to the BBHoF didn’t believe what James was telling us! We couldn’t hear the guest, but he kept asking James questions. James responded to the gentleman and then refocused his attention on us. He said it was a first- people have interrupted him before to ask where the bathroom is- but never to question (disbelievingly) what he was saying. We noted that’s one of the cool this about connecting to the BBHoF- they present from the museum and it is live…

  2. It’s absolutely true. I’ve never had anything like that happen before. The gentleman asked if
    I was telling the truth about Moses Fleetwood Walker. Like I would lie. It is live, though we
    generally have someone running interference…


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