Summer's Over

Well, the summer is over and it’s time to start blogging again! I have quite a little list of things to blog about. So here’s the first.

The TWICE Board retreat the end of June met at the St. Clair RESA nature center. After the meeting was over, we got a quick tour of the “gator,” a videoconferencing unit on a tractor for presenting programs from the nature center. Very cool. Enjoy these pics, compliments of Anne Thorp, photographer.

Anne Thorp, Ottawa ISD, drives the tractor.

Yup, it’s a Polycom!

Camera mounted on the front of the tractor.

Mike Maison, St. Clair RESA, gets ready to drive.

The trailer.

Inside the trailer.

What other unique setups have you seen for VC?? Please comment & share!

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