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More Virtual NECC Goodies

Here’s my last set of snippets from virtually attending NECC 09:

Thanks to everyone who blogged (and will still blog) about their learning at NECC for those of us at home!

After this, a serious July studying! Which will mean two new series of posts applying communication research and mentoring research to videoconferencing.

Virtual NECC: ISTE Vision

This morning I found ISTE Vision and watched the debate while following the comments on Twitter. THAT was really fun! Lots of comments about change in instructional pedagogy whether online or in a physical location. I *think* it will be on ISTE Vision later so you can watch it if you missed it. Here are a few screenshots – the view from my office….


Robert Siegel, from NPR’s All Things Considered, moderated the panel.


A view of the full panel.


Gary Stager delivers pithy punches amid applause.

It was great to be part of something big all happening at once, with interesting concise commentary on Twitter.

Virtual NECC Goodies for Monday

As I catch up on Twitter and blogs & Virtual NECC this morning, a few snippets stand out:

Looking forward to more snippets throughout the day!

What are YOU learning at or from NECC 09? Are you sharing in some form?

Virtually Following NECC Part 2

There are other ways that I’m planning to virtually follow what’s going on at NECC this year.


I set up two searches in TweetDeck for following NECC.

  • One search for NECC related things: “NECC OR NECC09 OR NECC2009”
  • Another for the SIGIVC hashtag: NECCIVC

Also you may want to follow these people that I know are into VC and are tweeting and going to NECC.


Virtual NECCers on Ning

  • There’s a group inside the NECC Ning for those participating virtually. Check it out!

Who did I miss? Please comment if you know someone blogging or tweeting about VC at NECC.

Virtually Following NECC Part 1

This year I can’t attend NECC due to a family conflict, so I’ll be trying to catch a taste of the action online. I thought I’d start today with a list of IVC and videoconferencing related sessions that I could find on the schedule.

H323 Videoconferencing (I think)

Skype Sessions

Other Videoconferencing
In these session descriptions, I can’t tell what VC technology they are using.

Did I miss any? If so, please comment and I’ll update the list!