Test Call Turns into Planning Period

This afternoon I had a test call with Florida for an upcoming “presidential debate” between two classes on the energy policies of both candidates.

We tested, and then our media specialists chatted with the teacher in Florida for a while. Then they decided it would be easier to have the teachers talk to each other. Our media specialist went down to take our teachers’ class for a few moments so the teachers could talk to each other.

This worked out great because then the teachers compared notes on their students, what they were planning for the videoconference, and discussed the need to talk again about the debate questions etc.

I can tell this is going to be a great connection! The Florida class took the Democratic side, so our class took the Republican side. Our class has two students who are planning to impersonate McCain and Palin to welcome the FL class in the introduction. It should be really fun and a great learning experience all around. Stay tuned for a report on the actual connection on October 29!

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