The Rushmore Saga

Photo by RBSchier.

“Coolio.” “Awesome.” That’s what 5th grade students at Roosevelt Elementary said this afternoon just before connecting to Mt. Rusmore, South Dakota for a program on the presidents. None of these students had seen a videoconference before and they were jazzed up and well prepared!

We’re connected with six other classes to the Mt. Rushmore National Memorial. Ranger Rhonda is hosting an interactive celebration of Mt. Rushmore and the presidents.

The lesson today is about using primary sources to understand the past. Student looked at the only business record document of the celebration of the dedication of the Mt. Rushmore event. It’s so inspiring to see pictures before the sculpture was carved.

This program is a pilot in celebration of Presidents Day next Monday. Hopefully soon Mt. Rushmore will join the ranks of the other content providers and many more of you can connect to learn about the presidents!

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