Three Wishes for Valentine's Day

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways…. Students shared essays and sonnets written to their favorite famous love interest in a Three Wishes type celebration of Valentine’s Day today. The two classes from Niles and St. Joseph high schools, had prepared their writing in advance.

Students at Niles shared an essay on the famous movie and music star they might want to spend Valentine’s Day with and what they would want to do. The students in St. Joseph shared their love sonnets.

We listened to a sonnet on loving that sweet chewy gum, dreams of taking Mary-Kate Olsen to a park and watching a sunset, a couple (I’m pretty sure) sharing their sonnets for each other, a ode to food, a sonnet called A Hero to His Goddess, and many more.

Clearly both classes enjoyed the interaction, the celebration of writing and reading, and the conversation back and forth. The teachers encouraged students to give feedback on the essays and sonnets: which one they liked and why.

The cool thing about teacher generated projects is that the other teacher who participates in the program is inspired with new ideas of what they can do with videoconferencing. The great ideas are spreading through my county!

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