Turkey Talk

After a very successful Monster Match this year, several of my classes wanted to do a turkey match with the same idea. We called it Turkey Talk. Roxanne and I partnered our classes, and ended up with 18 classes participating! The sessions occurred Friday, today, and a few more tomorrow. We were able to use the training materials and agenda for Monster Match. Interestingly, some of our classes had done Monster Match just a month ago, but they still wanted to do it again with turkeys. Clearly this project is meeting writing and art objectives!

Here are some pictures of the turkeys from Friday:

Notice how the turkeys are easier to see and compare when they have a plain background behind them.

A funny comment: One of my classes said to their partner class in TX: “We weren’t surprised that your turkey was so big since everything in TX is bigger!”

This is what we are calling an “accidental project”. Didn’t intend on it, but it just grew! I think I’ll be making this a project for next year for sure.

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