HistoryQuest8: Revolutionary War

Yesterday and today we’ve had several HistoryQuest8: Revolutionary War sessions. These ones have been nicely full with 3-5 classes in each session. The clues have been challenging, so the students have had to work hard. In face in one session, with 10 minutes to research, none of the classes guessed any of the answers! Still, I heard from those classes that they enjoyed it and learned more about the Revolutionary War in the process. I’ve been able to collect some great footage to make a HistoryQuest movie sometime soon as well.

Here are some examples of the clues:

An amazing drawing!

A clue for a person, can you figure out their position/job title from this clue?

From the same presentation… I liked the poetry!

Notice the nice bold writing! Easy to read & record.

Another poster example.

Yikes, what a math problem!! How would you have taken a shortcut in writing down this clue?

Love this clue: “No one sinks ’em better”. Can you think of what revolutionary war ship this would be about?

In the last session, we had a scheduling glitch so I had five classes in a 45 minute session. Believe it or not, it worked!! We ended right on time. This is good to know that it is possible. We’re not doing any clues repeated. I ask the school to repeat a clue during the presentation if it doesn’t seem clear; otherwise I let it go. And there are no clarifying questions either. But the classes are giving really good feedback, so it’s good to know this format will work in a middle school short class period. I’ll be running MysteryQuest World Geography in February this same way (registration will open in CAPspace next week.) Hope you can join us for a Quest in the future!

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