Experimenting with Desktop VC

Last Wednesday afternoon, just before the early close for Thanksgiving, I VCed with Craig in Alaska, and Janet & Rachel in New Zealand to experiment with desktop VC.

Rachel beat me to it, with a great write up of our little experiment. I totally agree with her, that the big issue is accessibility with VC. How can we make this accessible to more students & classes?! Take a moment to read Rachel’s review!

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  1. Janine,
    I would still like to visit live with you to discuss the power of the InPerson solution from Creative Labs. I’m available at your leisure any time today or tomorrow. Please contact me at 719 481-0215.

    • Thanks for the info – but you may be interested to know that I do not find the term “legacy H323” appealing. There are new systems coming out that are H323, so legacy hardly applies. I would suggest you update your terminology if you want to appeal to people using H323 systems….

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