Upcoming H323 Network Training

From the megaconference listserv, information about this upcoming training from the University of Wisconsin:

Understanding and Troubleshooting Videoconferencing Networks, November 2-3, 2010

I took this workshop a few years ago, and it is excellent! Even if you’re an educator (like me), learning to be a VC technician as well, it is definitely helpful. Teaches you the language and concepts you need to talk to your network people. When I attended, I thought I didn’t know enough to be able to learn anything from it, but suprisingly, I did! You can read my past blog posts about this workshop here and here.

When I participated, a whole group in Michigan organized to have the workshop at one site and then we split the cost between all the attendees.

They don’t pay me, or even ask me, to advertise this workshop. I’m just sharing it with you because it was such a benefit to me.

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