Character Education with Brad Tassell

Today I have a class connecting to a new provider: Brad Tassell, who is a comedian/author specializing in bullying and character education. I have a kindergarten class participating in his Character Education program.

Brad is a comedian and very entertaining with a powerful message. His program consists of songs, magic tricks, and discussion with the students.

He read to the students part of his book, Billy Fustertag Learns Comedy and asked them great questions throughout the program.

He also worked with students to help them understand the difference between tattling and telling the teacher when someone is bullying. Great questions, age appropriate, and he elicited good comments from the students during the discussion.

He sang a funny song about a girl with a pickle in her ear and had students try to figure out why she had a pickle in her ear.

Finally, he ended with an I Love School song and questions from the students. Students really enjoyed the program – full of silliness, fun, and important lessons!

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