International Birds of a Feather

Tips & insights & resources from this session at CILC Symposium.

  • Rowena begins international projects with art projects because it bridges the language barrier. Also, she said it’s fun to connect at night and even at midnight. It makes it that much more special.
  • Quick dos & don’ts from Rowena. Kiss a lot of frogs and don’t give up. Keep up with your emails. Don’t wait for three weeks to reply back. Don’t do projects if you don’t check your email.
  • Have kids research about the country ahead of time so they can ask intelligent questions.
  • Prepare a news show to present in the language about their community; and then get into discussing in the languages.
  • Global Leap
  • Reef HQ in Australia
  • VOS Spain

We had then quite a long discussion on getting teachers involved.

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